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  • Just A Little Hope
  • by: CharlotteOehler
  • 327
  • Hello, everyone! Since second grade I have been wo-rking on my dream to become a top notch teacher. Now in my third year of college (in a five year pro...

  • Musical Goths Dese
  • by: RobynRuff Wagner
  • 300
  • For the record, I'm not actually "goth." I just ha-d a growing urge to write a piece of symphonic metal (or something), and this video contest provided...

  • A Day to Remember
  • by: KeithBjorklund
  • 211
  • This is a video reminding us to beam with optimism- when shown the light of possibility! Life can really get you down and knock you in the kahunas some...

  • Developing Educati
  • by: MargieSantos
  • 124
  • I hope you will enjoy this video; It shows our ori-ginality and humorous side. Please give this video a chance; I promise you will laugh at something f...

  • My Life is on the
  • by: CharlesBoston
  • 119
  • I deserve a scholarship not only because I would l-ike to go to a school with a very high tuition, I have no family capable of aiding in my financial n...

  • Desire
  • by: MeghanMinguela
  • 93
  • I hope that everyone likes my entry. Sorry If you -don't like the music I tried really hard to make this good. I recorded myself telling you guys why "...

  • Color Me Honest
  • by: KennedyGarza
  • 70
  • Welp, here it is. I'm Kennedy, and I'm an 18-year--old artist from Texas. I want to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and eventu...

  • Another Video Entr
  • by: BrandonSchneider
  • 57
  • another video entry... probably saying the same th-ing as everyone else- but i didn't want to do that. so enjoy!...

  • I am going places.
  • by: MyanaDhenin
  • 26
  • I am a fifteen yr. old community college student, -preparing to transfer to a university in the Fall of 2010. My top choice schools are Stanford U and ...

  • Extra! Extra! Read
  • by: MichelleFeliciano
  • 20
  • I am currently entering my junior year of college.- I already have plenty of loans that I need to worry about, so winning scholarships will definitely ...

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