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As stated on our rules page all votes have been reset as of Sept. 8, 2009. Only votes from Sept. 8 - Sept 15, 2009 will be counted. This is to give everyone who has uploaded a video a fair chance to win the scholarship. Please see the Rules page for further details. Thank You

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  • SailorsDream
  • by: ryanzingery
  • 0
  • Hi, Im a sailor deployed in afghanistan who dreams- of becoming a computer animator and working in on major motion picture movies. I need your help to ...

  • Karinna is Funny a
  • by: KarinnaTrapanotto
  • 0
  • Why do I deserve a scholarship? Because I am creat-ive, unique, funny, and on my way to becoming a successful producer and director! Vote for me!...

  • Musical Goths Dese
  • by: RobynRuff Wagner
  • 300
  • For the record, I'm not actually "goth." I just ha-d a growing urge to write a piece of symphonic metal (or something), and this video contest provided...

  • Vote For Me!
  • by: KaseyMcLeod
  • 0
  • My Name is Kasey McLeod and I am 19 years old. I a-m attending Bellingham Technical College full time to get my degree in Dental Hygiene. Vote for me -...

  • I am Just one pers
  • by: ToriaDrogt
  • 0
  • Hello, my name is Toria, and i thought i'd take a -chance on winning this scholarship. Please vote for me and if i don't win, then congratulations to w...

  • I am going places.
  • by: MyanaDhenin
  • 26
  • I am a fifteen yr. old community college student, -preparing to transfer to a university in the Fall of 2010. My top choice schools are Stanford U and ...

  • Scholarship Rap
  • by: NatalieEberhard
  • 5
  • Make sure to vote for me because this is the best -rap you will ever see! I am a senior in high school and I want to continue my education. This video ...

  • Don't touch my but
  • by: JacobTiss
  • 0
  • hey guys i hope you vote for me and i hope you guy-s enjoy and you better vote for me cuz i might save your life some day haha...

  • Why I Deserve this
  • by: KesiahRivera
  • 6
  • Anyone who is hardworking deserves a scholarship. -I am hardworking and with your support of a vote, I will be one step closer in being able to pay for...

  • by: ChasyteBrennan
  • 1

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