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As stated on our rules page all votes have been reset as of Sept. 8, 2009. Only votes from Sept. 8 - Sept 15, 2009 will be counted. This is to give everyone who has uploaded a video a fair chance to win the scholarship. Please see the Rules page for further details. Thank You

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  • Video of a Charact
  • by: paige sabedra
  • 1
  • Hi, My Name is Paige Sabedra. From Derry Area, PA.- This is my Video of why I Deverse this Scholoaraship. (I'm wearing my School Colors!) I want to att...

  • A second chance
  • by: kendallfairley
  • 0
  • I'm not working and I'm attending school now and n-ot working was the major reason for that. i want to be give this opportunity to receive the scholars...

  • If I had money...
  • by: KristalBraley
  • 2
  • Just me and Bryce talking. Well, I'm doing the ta-lking, ha ha. If you can't hear very well here's the deal in a nutshell. Father wanted abortion, I c...

  • Is it an age thing
  • by: AmandaWhitt
  • 1
  • I'm a perfect candidate for most scholarships out there... Well, except for one thing...

  • 7 Reasons Why I De
  • by: JoannaGardner
  • 2
  • My seven reasons why i deserve a scholarship are m-y seven brothers and sisters, all given their own cameos here, each capturing their own goofy person...

  • Help me help us
  • by: JustinRoberts
  • 0
  • Id love to win this scholarship! enjoy the video =]

  • Amy Gomez- Civic D
  • by: AmyGomez
  • 0
  • This is a video made by Amy Gomez Teacher Candidat-e for the purpose of asking for a fastweb scholarship of $2500.00 so I can finish my teaching creden...

  • Why i deserve this
  • by: BreannaCullen
  • 0
  • Here is my video, it's really simple, but it's me! Please help me reach my dream!

  • JUST ME...
  • by: AndreaClark
  • 1
  • PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE VOTE 4 ME!! My video is ot -the MOST creative but it tells you a little bit about me and y i need this schlorship so badly :P so...

  • Whyideserveaschola
  • by: TylerKakaria
  • 1
  • Hi my name is Tyler Kakaria from Boise, Idaho. I'm- an experienced videographer and all I ask is that you sit through the whole video as it may seem ri...

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