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As stated on our rules page all votes have been reset as of Sept. 8, 2009. Only votes from Sept. 8 - Sept 15, 2009 will be counted. This is to give everyone who has uploaded a video a fair chance to win the scholarship. Please see the Rules page for further details. Thank You

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  • me&my passion
  • by: elenaghizzo
  • 1
  • hope to give emotions,shivers and deep feelings wi-th my voice. my only opportunity to live of music is going to the LA Music Academy in los angeles, b...

  • Game Show
  • by: JustinSnyder
  • 0
  • Ever since I was a little kid I've always liked ma-king movies with my friends. Over the years with experience as my teacher, I learned some pretty coo...

  • attending college
  • by: michaelosborne
  • 0
  • This is my first video of myself so I apologize fo-r being so timid. Why I desereve a Scholarship is because of my peresistance to attend class while u...

  • For My Community
  • by: Ton'niseFrazier
  • 2
  • My name is Ton'nise Frazier and I deserve a schola-rship because I am ambitious and have a big heart. I give 110% in everything I do and I love to give...

  • why BELEN deserves
  • by: belenvargas
  • 1
  • I hope that you'll vote for me, after watching this video. It will mean a lot.

  • by: Steven Mainini
  • 0
  • I deserve the scholarship because my cost of atte-ndance is $40,000 for one year. I am doing NROTC and haven't received a full ride military scholarsh...

  • Drumming Scholarsh
  • by: BradStallcup
  • 0
  • Hey, everyone I love to play drums and am hoping y-ou like to watch people play drums. If I could get money for college simply by playing drums, it wou...

  • help me help littl
  • by: heatherreed
  • 1
  • help me win this scholarship to pursue my dream ca-reer as a pediatric nurse and help the sick, ill and injured children get better and live happier he...

  • A Day to Remember
  • by: KeithBjorklund
  • 211
  • This is a video reminding us to beam with optimism- when shown the light of possibility! Life can really get you down and knock you in the kahunas some...

  • Scholarship wanted
  • by: KaylaHill
  • 0
  • This video shows the reason why I deserve a scholarship.

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