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As stated on our rules page all votes have been reset as of Sept. 8, 2009. Only votes from Sept. 8 - Sept 15, 2009 will be counted. This is to give everyone who has uploaded a video a fair chance to win the scholarship. Please see the Rules page for further details. Thank You

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  • A Great Scholarshi
  • by: RebeccaBrown
  • 4
  • Maintaining a GPA of 4.0 is not an easy task. Work-ing, being a single mother, and going to school can always be a lot to handle. With chances like thi...

  • Family of Monkeys
  • by: SarahDunkin
  • 2
  • I am a senior majoring in Criminal Justice and Soc-iology at Iowa State University. I also am married to a wonderful and funny guy, Rocky I. We have a ...

  • I don't want to go
  • by: Dominique Addison
  • 0
  • If I do not have my finiancial aid paid in full by- September 8th, 2009 i will have to move out of my dorm and i will be pulled out of class. I am from...

  • what is my life ab
  • by: yuliannypino
  • 0
  • this video is about my life.. everything that is important to me

  • Lego my scholarshi
  • by: MaxElvrom
  • 0
  • Vote for me, I will fight for You

  • Please Don't Go!
  • by: AdelBengo
  • 0
  • Flying is the best thing I could ever do, but I ne-ed help with funds to be able to finish the program!...

  • by: MattMurray
  • 0
  • I made a trailer for a documentary called "Limbo" -that I want to make about the flaws in the college admissions process. The scholarship will help pay...

  • I thought she was
  • by: MelodyLefeber
  • 0
  • ...but as it turns out, my daughter is just posses-sed by demons (you did watch the video, right). We considered divine treatment, but if it didn't wor...

  • Scholarship
  • by: BronsonVelarde
  • 0
  • Request for assistance..

  • The Supa-Talented
  • by: CarlosSmith
  • 0
  • This is a video of me explaining my talents [video-s,beats,DJ, act, rap, graphics] and explaining how much potential I have from that. I am also talkin...

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