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As stated on our rules page all votes have been reset as of Sept. 8, 2009. Only votes from Sept. 8 - Sept 15, 2009 will be counted. This is to give everyone who has uploaded a video a fair chance to win the scholarship. Please see the Rules page for further details. Thank You

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  • Rock Towards Colle
  • by: BenjaminBegay
  • 0
  • Rocking towards college. I had a tough time sycn'ing this song.

  • Reasons Why: The G
  • by: ChristopherAucoin
  • 7
  • Hello, my video consists of me explain my goals while various pictures pass by.

  • Working TODAY to C
  • by: LauraOrtiz
  • 0
  • I deserve this scholarship because it will help me- our financially which is an every semester struggle for school. Most importantly because I have the...

  • Sombrero Man
  • by: JulioRodriguez
  • 2
  • This is a piece of work I have edited and starred -as, (Guy in the Black Trench Coat) and hopefully you enjoy this trailer to my future work. Warning! ...

  • Why Katrina deserv
  • by: KatrinaOngchangco
  • 0
  • Pouring out a piece of my heart for the world to understand why I need this scholarship.

  • Honestly, Seriousl
  • by: GiselleGutierrez
  • 0
  • The honest truth, plain and simple.

  • To fulfill my goal
  • by: MiaBostic
  • 0
  • Hi, my name is Mia Bostic and I am really in need -of winning this scholarship because I currently owe my school almost 10,000 and would like to attend...

  • Native Needs
  • by: BenjaminBegay
  • 0
  • I need the money because we are in a finical crisi-s and the government doesn't think so, but they aren't us....

  • 14-scholarship vid
  • by: NohelyMendoza
  • 13

  • Financial Need 4 a
  • by: TracyWollschlager
  • 1
  • Times are tough, we all need a little financial as-sistance to get us through school. Here is why I Deserve a Scholarship. I am not the best at movie m...

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