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  • Desire
  • by: MeghanMinguela
  • 93
  • I hope that everyone likes my entry. Sorry If you -don't like the music I tried really hard to make this good. I recorded myself telling you guys why "...

  • My Life is on the
  • by: CharlesBoston
  • 119
  • I deserve a scholarship not only because I would l-ike to go to a school with a very high tuition, I have no family capable of aiding in my financial n...

  • education is impor
  • by: micheleminser
  • 11
  • michele discusses the importance of education.

  • Kimberlie's Submis
  • 3
  • Kimberlie's gone back to Graduate School to get he-r Master's in Interior Architecture and Interior Product Design. Her goal is to create her own produ...

  • Another Video Entr
  • by: BrandonSchneider
  • 57
  • another video entry... probably saying the same th-ing as everyone else- but i didn't want to do that. so enjoy!...

  • 3 Reasons Why
  • by: antwinejohnson
  • 4
  • I deserve a scholarship because it is the only way- I will be able to get through school. I dont have the money to put myself through school, and I wan...

  • Scholar Say WHAT?
  • by: VanLambert
  • 5
  • I've been to 3rd world countries and seen child la-bor as young as age 6. Everything i've seen and experianced has taught me how important education is...

  • Joe W.A.S.P.
  • by: SamuelMartin
  • 8
  • (take 2: better lighting) Average Joe W.A.S.P. tha-t's me. I am lighthearted in the video but my need is very real. I am having trouble getting student...

  • Clouds and Rain
  • by: DeniseHardnett
  • 7
  • A mother, student sharing apart of her life with others. Thank you for your time. Denise

  • Brass Monkey
  • by: ErinSinger
  • 0
  • Well, why does this make me eligible? Haha, becaus-e I have the ability to organize a group of people, because I like to have fun, and because I'm crea...

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